With experience in the fitness industry dating back to 2001, Che'Vonne is no stranger to fitness! A graduate of Grand Valley State University, her Bachelor's Degree in Movement Science has allowed her to gain experience in a variety of job titles, in a multitude of environments. Aside from undergrad experience working with collegiate athletes and an internship at the high school level, her exposure includes:

> Physical Therapy

> Corporate Wellness

> Commercial Fitness

> Private ventures

> Even the Military!


Her certifications include:

> ACE (Personal Training, and Sports Conditioning)


> The American Red Cross (CPR/ AED) 

> HITT (High Intensity Tactical Training)!!


She is a full-time employee, a wife, a small business owner, and a mother of three (a teenager, and 2 toddlers), that is on a fitness journey of her own!  She fully understands the need to have services be convenient and readily available! She is excited to provide a variety of personalized, convenient,  and effective fitness services that will help you improve your physical fitness, athletic performance, and your quality of life!

No matter your fitness goals, she's here to help you 'Make the Journey'!!!





Get started today!

Before success is ever attained, she ever-so-gently knocks upon your door, awaits an answer and asks the daring question, “Will you make the journey?” When will and willpower have lost their way and motivation has sailed far out at bay; when the sweat of your brow becomes a familiar feeling and grit of your teeth seems non-fleeting, “Will you make the journey?” If troubles were to come your way (and they will) and challenges were to block your path (and they will), “Will you make the journey?” In times high and low, tough and rough, whether in order or disorder, for the sake of triumph over trials, “Will you make the journey?” Here at Journey Fitness, we speak to the drive behind discipline and the energy beneath effort. We are about the lifelong process surrounding health and wellness. We focus on the longevity of lifestyle rather than the “one- day-in one-day-out” mentality that comes with fad diets, quick fixes and other such methods of weight management. Founded by Che’Vonne Bryan, certified fitness expert and trainer, this company is built upon the bedrock of a philosophy which is handed to every client whom chooses our services - “Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week”. To first make the shift in mindset is to first achieve the goal. As Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Conditioning Specialist and Youth Fitness Specialist, Che’Vonne implements such a philosophy into her programs.


Unlike the competition, we understand that there is a deeper reasoning behind every fitness goal. Emotional content is always the overseer. Knowing this, we seek to understand the client below the surface before we help in the execution of their goal. Che’Vonne has mastered the cores of her craft and has established a mindset fueled by progressive change. “To be able to give others the gift of health and to make an impact on the obesity epidemic” are her reasons for servitude. Through her app, she’s been able to equip countless clients with the ability to take control of their relationship with food and their relationship exercise. Not only has the lifestyle become more accessible but more attainable. It’s a transition from fear to freedom.


We empower trainers to step outside of their skill-zone in order to meet their ideal client at the human level and then at the professional level. We tell a new narrative and push a new perspective. That fitness ought to be a mind-body agreement – this we advocate. The body is a machine, therefore we treat it like one, first at the mental level, then at the physical level. Resilience, persistence and determination all start at the mind. These are needed to make the journey and serve as fuel when demotivation makes a visit.


In your backpack neatly pack a change of mindset, a pair of attitudes called gratitude and grit and of course a clean diet. Journey Fitness will lay the bridge between you and your destination. "Will you make the journey?"


Many of you may wonder why I chose the business name "Journey Fitness" and motto "Make the Journey". Honestly, my dad gave it to me YEARS ago. Any time my siblings and I faced a difficult task, we were told to " Make the journey." If we had to dig in and apply ourselves, we were told to "Make the journey." When we had to weather a storm, despite uncertainties, wavering confidence and an unforgiving environment... again we were told to "Make The Journey." My dad left this earth in 2001, and every day without him, I have had to "Make the journey" at times when I didn't know where I was going, or how I was going to make it. I did know that no matter what,  I would get up, dust myself off every day, and put one foot in front of  the other. Why? Because that's what we do... and if, or when we can, we help others do the same. It's about a desire to help others reach their potential, while testing my own. It's about him still pushing me, to get out of my comfort zone, to continue to do what I love, to find my own method of creation... all while helping you advance, progress, improve and charge ahead as you


So yeah, it's about fitness... but its also about life. Love you pops.


Why Che'Vonne?

Get in the best shape of your life!

  • Faster and better results 

  • Having me as your personal trainer to guide you through your fitness routine will help make sure you are spending time on the proper types of exercise

  • Proper fat loss and muscle gain

  • Reduced chance of injury

  • Establish a lifetime exercise habit

  • Overcome plateaus

San Diego, California     |       CheVonne@mtjfit.com

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